Our Mission

The mission of the university is to secure the highest degree of education and scientific knowledge in development, support and protection of health, in prevention diagnostics, in curing diseases and nursing the sick with the goal being to protect and develop health as one of the most precious human values.

Our university wants to succeed in this mission by developing university study in study plans of all three degrees, specialized study and continuous (CME) education in all medical, pharmaceutical, dentistry and paramedical (medical) fields and conducting research function in the field of medical and pharmaceutical science. An inseparable part of the mission of the university is introducing newest findings in medical science into daily life.

The university as a medical school provides education to students who are preparing for individual categories of becoming medical workers in accredited study plans of bachelor, master, doctor, special and certified study with the use of creative investigation in medical field in the interest of improving health and quality of life.

For its function, the university is using specialized teaching facilities, university clinics, university pharmacies, specific devices, education workplaces and other accredited devices in ambulance, constitutional , medical care and bureaus of medical health, which serve as research and investigation and educational institutions to fulfill the mission of the university.