SMU polyclinic

The polyclinic of the Slovak Medical University in Bratislava provides as part of the given medical care specialized ambulance care conducted by 14 ambulances as well as 5 laboratories in which examination and medical elements are conducted. In ambulances and laboratories, doctors, medical workers and other medical personnel take part in solving important worldwide and European projects in the field of medical research and thanks to that the newest scientific findings can be applied in diagnostics and nursing of our patients.

The medical facility - the SMU Polyclinic was created as a successor to the Institute of preventive and clinical care, which was merged with the Slovak Medical University in 2003. The former medical facility in addition to the ambulance and laboratory part also had a bed part with the clinic of immunology and the clinic of pharmacology. After merging with the Institute of preventive and clinical care, the function of the bed and ambulance part were delimited to the FNSP acad. Dérera. The function of laboratories was the decision of MZ SR entered on the 1st of September 2003 into a non-state medical institute operated by SMU. Since October 1st 2004 the function has been expanded to include other ambulant parts. in 2005 the workplace gained the statute of polyclinic.

On the basis of the decision made by the Bratislava region as a corresponding establishment according to law no. 578/2004 Z. z. about providing medical care, medical workers, professional organizations in medicine and about change and addition to some laws the SMU Polyclinic can provide medical care to the following extent:

Ambulances by fields:

    • general practice
    • stomatology
    • clinical biochemistry
    • internal medicine
    • clinical pharmacology
    • gastroenterology
    • clinical immunology and allergology
    • cardiology
    • nephrology
    • hepatology
    • clinical speech-language pathology
    • jaw orthopedics as part of expanding stomatological ambulances with using sources of ionizing radiation

Zariadenie SVaLZ v odbore:

    • clinical immunology and allergology
    • clinical microbiology
    • clinical biochemistry
    • osteodenisitometry

The workplace strives to satisfy and reach the expectations of our patients: constantly improving the providing of medical care and orientation to preventive care and patient education. Permanently caring about increasing the professionality of the provided services and providing quality equipment in ambulances and laboratories. Besides the standard services, providing unique and complex services as part of our position as a university workplace.