History of the university

The Slovak Medical University prides itself on 60 years of tradition in providing professional specialized post-gradual education in medical fields. Training of specialists in medicine, dentistry, pharmaceutics and other medical fields was supervised by a state non-university education establishment known as The Slovak Postgraduate Academy of Medicine in Bratislava.

Via the entrance of the Slovak Republic into the European union it was necessary to synchronize the legislation of Slovakia to match the laws of the EU even in the field of medical education. Directive number 93/16/EEC about mutual acceptance of diplomas from specialized study in medicine and other regulated medical fields in article 24 dictates that such study can only be provided by a school of the university type part of which has to be a university hospital. Due to this request the National Council of Slovakia through law no. 401/2002 instituted a transformation from SPAM to a medical university - the Slovak Medical University in Bratislava. Simultaneously, through revision of statutes NR SR no. 131/2002, the Slovak Medical University became an integral part of the network of Slovak universities. By decision of the minister of health on the 28th of August 2003 the Institute of preventive and clinical medicine was cancelled and was assimilated into the structure of the Slovak Medical University and thus became an important scientific and research center for the university.

The faculty of medicine

secure university education of medicine - in the study plan, general medicine is the direct continuation of the post-gradual specialized and continuous education in medicine and pharmacy, which the institution has been providing since 1953.

The faculty of nursing and scientific medical studies

provides accredited university education in bachelor, master and doctoral study in the medical fields of nursing, prenatal assistance, physiotherapy, radiology and urgent medical care, physiological and clinical nurture, social work with a focus of socio-medical care for seniors and a post-gradual specialization and continual education of medical workers, which had been supplied by the Institution for further education of medical workers until 1960.

The faculty of public health

is a direct continuation of the School of public health founded in 1991 under the patronage of the World Health Organization WHO as a part of SPAM and provides bachelor, masters and doctoral education in the accredited field of public health as well as further education in this field

The faculty of medicine with the seat in Banská Bystrica

secures university education in study plans of nursing, physiotherapy and urgent medical care and activities of specialized study for other medical workers.